Centenaire Rodin à Poitiers

Musée Sainte-Croix - 3bis Rue Jean-Jaurès - 86000 POITIERS
Poitiers celebrates the centenary of the death of Rodin, one of the most famous French sculptors.
As part of the centenary Rodin, the Sainte-Croix museum is organizing an exhibition on Friday, November 17, 2017 , one hundred years to the day after the death of the sculptor, who will notably cross his works to those of Camille Claudel.

These two artists with crossed destiny, have each opened in their own way, new ways of plastic expression. Auguste Rodin inaugurated new techniques of composition and expression. Camille Claudel has developed a very personal art whose plastic qualities have earned him the status of one of the greatest modern sculptors. Echoing the Camille Claudel collection in Poitiers, the Musée Rodin has exceptionally granted the Musée Sainte-Croix the loan of three significant works, echoes of the passionate relationship between the two artists.
Integrated in the permanent journey, Fugit Amor (bronze, 1886) in front of The Desperate Teenager and The Eternal Spring (bronze, 1898) will highlight the collaboration of the Master with his pupil and lover as well as the couples created by one and the other (including The Abandon and The Waltz Claudel fonds of the Museum of Poitiers). Finally, the emblematic original plaster of Portrait de Rodin (1888) by Camille Claudel will enrich the diversity of materials presented (bronzes, terracotta, marble).

In the program :

November 19, 15h - 10 December, 15h - 14 January, 15h - 17 March, 15h and 16h30 (as part of the Télérama Pass)
Rates: € 4 / € 2 (in addition to the entrance fee)

November 28, 12:30 - December 14, 18h: Jaillissements: Isadora Duncan and Auguste Rodin , Raoul Sangla (30 mn) - CNC and Auguste Rodin, sculptor , Michaël Gaumnitz (26 mn) - CNC

December 12, 12:30 - January 2, 18h - 13 February, 12:30 - 8 March, 18h: The turbulence Rodin , by Claire Duguet and Leslie Grunberg (52 mn) - Arte / NMR
Free entry

December 5 - January 9 - February 20 - March 13 at 12:30
Free entry

December 7, 6:30 pm: Techniques of sculpture in the 19th century, by François Blanchetière, curator at the Museum of Fine Arts of Tours

January 16, 6:30 pm: Antoine Bourdelle (1861-1929) and l'Antique, by Claire Barbillon, Professor of History of Contemporary Art, University of Poitiers, Ecole du Louvre, Paris

February 6, 6:30 pm: Sculpting women, by Anne Rivière, art historian and exhibition curator

March 7, 6:30 pm: Rodin and Dance, Christine Lancestremère, Curator of Heritage, Musée Rodin, Paris
Free entries

December 10, 4:30 pm: Amours d'Airain, by Mickaël and Christine Pascault, dancers and choreographers, choreographed meeting of two bodies that unite, tear, and break the precarious balance of an instant echoing the couples created by Rodin and Claudel.
Price: 2 €
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