Fête Nationale dans le Grand Poitiers

In Poitiers & Grand Poitiers on July 14th, a friendly and popular party will be held in honor of the National Day . Ball, animations and fireworks to share with family, couple or friends!

In the program :

In Poitiers :
Blossac Park, Léopold Thézard Street
- 8:30 pm: Audrey Concert and Faces B (swing, blues & rhytm'n'blues)
- 23h: Pyrotechnic show provided by Brezac Artifices

In Beaumont-Saint-Cyr:
War Memorial of St-Cyr
- 10:45 am: Ceremony

Beaumont War Memorial
- 11h30: Parade and wreath laying followed by the reception of honor

November 11th place
- 14h: Petanque competition
- 16h: Games for children
- 18h:Refreshments, cakes and drop balloons for children
- 20h: Buffet in the village hall
- 09:30 pm: Bal popular
- 23h: Fireworks then resume the ball at 23h.

In Chauvigny:
Public garden
- 9 pm: Concert of the Municipal Harmony

Bishops' Castle, Saint-Pierre Street
- 23h: Fireworks

Kiosk Square
- 23:30: Fireworks

In Fontaine-le-Comte:
Town Hall, Esplanade des Citoyens
- 21h: Torchlight Retreat

Meadow of the Abbey, 17 rue de l'Abbaye
- 23h: Fireworks

In Jaunay-Marigny:
Ponds mill Wood, Saint-Léger-la-Pallu , July 13
- 19h:Wine reception
- 20h: Meals
- 22:45: Torchlight Retreat
- 23h: Fireworks on the lake
- 23:30: Evening hosted by DJ Sonolight

In Lusignan:
Site of Vauchiron, Path of the Beach
- 22h: Animations, musical fireworks and popular ball

In Migné-Auxances:
Parc des Chilloux, Limbre , July 13th
- 22:30: Fireworks

Behind the Town Hall, 1 rue du 8 mai 1945
- 15:30   Street shows and carousel for children and wooden games

In Rouillé:
Gaston Delavault Stadium, 53 rue de la Libération, July 13th
- 19h:Roasted pig on the spit, torchlight walk accompanied by the Rodiacus Banda fanfare, musical fireworks and a free grand ball hosted by a DJ. Prices: Free except meals: from 8 € to 15 €, free for -8 years. Meal on reservation at 0549499028

Pond of the mill Crieul
- 08h: Hiking, fishing and petanque competitions, children's games, inflatable structures

In Saint-Benoît:
Strunga Park
- 22h: Parade with lanterns from the town hall, fireworks

In Sanxay:
Sanxay Stadium, 13-15 rue du Pont des Bergers
- 2.30 pm: Petanque competition, suitcase race, tug of war, wheelbarrow race, fireworks and popular dance
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