Poitiers & its heritage

As the regional capital and a university city, Poitiers can boast a heritage of 2,000 years of history that is interwoven into its present urban landscape. Surrounded by the rivers Clain and Boivre, the promontory of Poitiers welcomes its visitors in a historic centre of great character, embellished by the presence of an exceptional number of monuments that evoke its rich medieval past.

Poitiers is the perfect combination of a prestigious ancient heritage and remarkable contemporary buildings. The modern buildings have been designed so as not to clash with the ancient ones. You can see that in the city centre the contemporary constructions dialogue harmoniously with the architecture of the previous centuries.

Now even more open to pedestrians, the city centre has been renewed by numerous developments that enhance the urban setting, the squares and the façades. An invitation to stroll through its streets and let its heritage reveal itself at your walking pace.

Lovers of city rambles will enjoy discovering the picturesque narrow streets of the city, the half-timbered houses and everything that adds to the particularity and charm of this city of character. To be sure of discovering the principal gems of the city’s heritage, let yourself be guided by the "Poitiers pas à pas" (Poitiers on Foot) circuits. And to discover other attractions, don’t hesitate to explore other streets that branch off your route.
The essential heritage sites
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