Poitiers from your home


For visitors who wish to visit the city freely and independently, 3 visit circuits are proposed. Combining historical reconstruction, interviews, musical extracts and news updates, each audio-guided circuit consists of 7 stages lasting 3 to 4 minutes.

Download the circuits for free on your MP3 reader or your smartphone from the interactive terminals of the Tourist Office or via the links given below. Flash the codes to directly access the dedicated application.

If you have neither a smartphone nor an MP3, you can rent an audio-guide from the Tourist Office to get the most out of these visit circuits.

These walks offer a complete panorama of the rich cultural heritage of Poitiers.

visit Poitiers from your armchair
    This tour is an ideal ramble for discovering some of the major buildings of the city: Saint-Pierre cathedral, Saint-Jean Bapistery, etc. It follows the very old Grand’Rue which descends the eastern...
    The sinuous curve of the Rue de la Chaîne, with its narrow house façades and deep inner courtyards and gardens, takes you as far as the church of Saint-Jean-de-Montierneuf and its picturesque...
    Starting out in pedestrian streets, this ramble will take you through ten centuries of history. It ends at the church of Saint-Hilaire, one of the stopovers on the pilgrim’s road to Compostela which...
    After borrowing this tour you will never look the same way Poitiers. Planners and architects share their reading of the city. The design of a site or building is a legacy of history, politics,...
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