Terroir and specialties


Poitiers and its surrounding region are worth visiting for all their visual treats…and also for the pleasure of eating !
The region’s healthy and tasty cuisine with its traditional specialities has been handed down through the generations with pride. Those who possess this gastronomic know-how have always demanded the quality raw materials that are found in abundance in the region. Simple and authentic dishes that will make your mouth water, from starter to dessert....
Generous helpings and quality are the keys to the culinary art of Poitiers. Is meat in sauce one of your favourites? You’ll find it hard to choose between label-recognised lamb, kid or hare. AOC-label butter, Chabichou goat’s cheese, walnut oil, melons and wine: there are plenty of local specialities to sample every day. The restaurants go only for fresh produce! Discover the essential farci poitevin (stuffed herb paté), the sauce aux lumas (snails), the broyé du Poitou and the tourteau fromager (cake with fresh cheese) and treat your taste buds.

• The farci poitevin
One of the region’s culinary specialities is the farci poitevin, a terrine traditionally made with green vegetables (cabbage, sorrel, spinach and chard) chopped up and mixed with bacon, moistened bread, eggs, flour, etc. It is then wrapped and tied in cabbage leaves and buttered muslin and cooked slowly in a pot of water with thyme and bay leaves. After it is cooked, the farci is cut into slices to be eaten hot or cold.

• Haut-Poitou melon
Sweet, juicy, firm and fragrant, the melon has found its ideal growing soil in the Haut-Poitou. Recognised by the Protected Geographic Indication label, this melon is the product of the know-how of demanding producers attached to their land. Whether on your plate or a skewer, its taste is guaranteed!

• Poitou-Charentes lamb
The result of a long tradition of breeding, the quality of the lamb of Poitou-Charentes is unanimously recognised. Its delicate flavour makes it one of the most appreciated regional dishes.

• The Chabichou du Poitou
Star of the cheeses of Poitou, Chabichou makes its producers feel justifiably proud. Lovingly made from fresh and full-cream goat’s milk, with the AOC quality label, it is matured for 10 days minimum. You will recognise it from its unique shape: a cone trunk 6 cm high. Delightful at the end of a meal or with your aperitif.

• The Montmorillon traditional macaron
Dedicated to the macaron, the Rannou-Métivier company runs six shops and its Musée du Macaron (Macaron Museum). It invites you to enjoy its elegantly packaged macarons with their tender almond centres, the fruit of 90 years of passion, its rigorous selection of only excellent raw materials and its craftsmanship and know-how dating back to 1920. The company is proud to bear the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Enterprise).

• The Broyé du Poitou
This sweet-tasting butter pastry cake used to be served at all the events involving farming life. Apart from its unique taste, the broyé has another special feature: traditionally it was broken up and the biggest fragments were served to those with hearty appetites, while the smaller ones were left for the gourmets.

• The AOC wines of Haut-Poitou
Perfect for accompanying regional dishes, the wines of Haut-Poitou have recently obtained the AOC quality label which recompenses their quality and authenticity. Treat yourself to a tour of their wine-growing region where the vineyards nestle snugly among the undulating and wooded countryside. Share the passion of the wine-growers who will invite you to discover their vines and cellars before tasting the 4 traditional wine varieties: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Gamay and Cabernet...
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