La Nuit Européenne des Musées à Poitiers

Musée Sainte Croix - 3bis rue Jean Jaurès - 86000 POITIERS
 +33 5 49 41 07 53
Every year for the European Night of Museums, in Poitiers , the Sainte-Croix museum offers readings, guided tours, collections ... etc. This year, this evening will take place on May 19, 2018 !

Since 2001 in spring, the museums of Europe have a privileged meeting with the public. They open their doors free of charge to discover the richness and diversity of the proposed collections. The Ministry of Culture and Communication offers this original meeting for a festive discovery accompanied by eclectic cultural events (string instruments, electro, video, theater ...).

For this 14th edition, a varied program "The class, the work!" awaits visitors to the Sainte-Croix museum:

From 15h30:
After siesta at the Holy Cross Museum, before Night of the Museums. On the program: a course-game in the museum's fine arts collections and an afternoon tasting with DJ Set. (for all)

20h00 and 22h45 (duration: 1h15):
Theater: Confession of a child of the century by Alfred de Musset, by Bertrand Farge, on an adaptation of Frédéric Vossier (adult audience)

19h45, 21h30 and 23h00 (duration: 35 mn):
Musical tale: The Sculptor of Dreams , after Claude Clément, by Cie Staccato with Christian Tezenas and Hélène Bothorel (all ages 4 and above)

20h30, 21h30 and 22h30 (duration: 35 mn):
Sketchs in front of the works of the museum: The class, the work , participation of a class of the high school Saint-Jacques de Compostela of Poitiers

20h30, 22h00 and 23h10 (duration: 35 mn):
Dance: Muses: dance stopovers, by the Collectif Temporary Support Zone (all ages)

Do not forget that museum night is completely free !
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