Le Poitou en peinture

Musée Sainte-Croix - 3bis rue Jean-Jaurès - 86000 POITIERS
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Collection on Poitou at the Sainte-Croix museum in Poitiers!
Until June 30, 2018 , the Sainte-Croix museum in Poitiers once again displays its collection of paintings representing Poitou .

The territory of Poitou offers a wealth of varied landscapes, agricultural and urban. Many regional artists continued their careers in Paris but did not forget their homeland. Rich of the lessons inherited from the great artistic currents of their time, they endeavored to offer real portraits of their villages and childhood campaigns, focusing on the atmospheric effects, the light, the composition of the rural landscape.
These artistic centers of interest are found in urban landscapes, where heritage buildings, such as Notre-Dame la Grande de Poitiers, are often the main subject of their canvas, true witnesses to the passing of time and inheritance.
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